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Reminders from  Statewide Ag Insurance
March 15th Deadline For Policy Changes:

  • Beginning Farmer Rancher
  • Entity changes/Plan/level/unit structure/new crops/counties/options
  • New breaking written agreements
  • Planting intentions for new counties/prevented planting purposes
  • New/transfer policies
  • Add on programs
  • New entities have AD1026 on file at FSA
New - Prevent Plant Corn coverage reduced by 5%
  • 60% coverage reduced to 55% of guarantee
  • Buy up level PF 65% reduced to 60% of guarantee
  • Buy up level PT 70% reduced to 65% of guarantee
Native Sod:
Reminder for native grassland not converted to row crop prior to the signing of the February 2014 farm bill:
  • First year cropped can be insured under a written agreement or producer can choose not to insure it
  • For years 2,3 and 4 the planted crop must be insured if the crop is on the policy
  • Approved yield is 65% of the t-yield for the first 4 years of production
  • Premium subsidy reduced by 50 percentage points
  • New- when more than 5 acres of native sod are converted, retroactive to 2015, provisions for reduced benefits apply
Beginning Farmer Rancher:
Benefits Include:
  • No administrative fees
  • Additional 10 percentage points premium subsidy
  • Eligible years receive an increase in the YA option
from 60% to 80% of t-yield
  • 5 year limit on benefits
  • If married, both producer and spouse must qualify
Call us for details on eligibility
Added Price and Revenue Protection Endorsements Available
  • Revenue Price Option (RPO)
    • Can add up to .25/corn and .75/soybean projected price
    • Loss triggered if revenue to count is less than increased revenue guarantee (RP +RPO) on enterprise units
  • Revenue Plus (RVP)
    • Add 10-30% onto your revenue guarantee depending on level
    • Loss triggered if revenue to count is less than underlying federal crop policy revenue guarantee
  • Yield Plus (YDP)
    • Add additional price to your bushel guarantee
    • Pays on bushel loss only
  • Price Select
    • You select discovery months for price
    • Policy triggers when discovery month price is higher than underlying federal crop policy base/harvest price
    • Must have a bushel or revenue loss

Applications must be received by March 15th
Thank you for your continued confidence in Statewide Ag Insurance
Statewide Ag Insurance is an equal opportunity provider /employer     

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