Reminders from Statewide Ag Insurance 2022


Due to high crop prices and high input costs, it is important to review your policy by March 15th!


March 15th Deadline For Policy Changes:

  • Entity changes/plan/level/unit structure/new crops/counties/options/adding PP buy up
  • New/transfer policies
  • Planting intentions for new counties/prevented planting purposes
    • Can do intentions for second year farming in county
  • New breaking/Native Sod
  • Written agreements
  • Beginning Farmer Rancher/Veteran
  • New entities require AD1026 filed at FSA for conservation compliance
  • Multi-county Enterprise Unit
  • Enterprise Unit by Practice/Type
  • Whole Farm Revenue Protection


Extra Coverage Options

  • ECO – Enhanced Coverage Option
  • SCO – Supplemental Coverage Option
    • These products provide area-based coverage for the deductible portion above underlying policy.
  • QLO - Quality Loss Option
  • Several other private products available



Thank you for your continued confidence in Statewide Ag Insurance!