Frequently Asked Questions

As you may know, crop insurance is constantly changing. As the Government makes provisions and regulates crop insurance, there are some frequently asked questions from some of our insureds. Here are some common questions farmers and ranchers like you may have:
Yes, however you will have to obtain a written agreement with the RMA approving the breaking of the sod. We will forward the paperwork to the RMA for you.
Yes, as long as it is broken and farmed within 3 years of the date it came out of CRP. After 3 years the land will revert back to native sod, and we will have to obtain a written agreement to insure it.
Generally, you will be assigned either the simple average or 100% of the T-Yield, depending upon which is greater. There are some exceptions to these rules. To find out more Contact Us!
Offspring of farmers (example: father/son or father/daughter) may obtain their parents' yields. For more information please contact an agent today!
There are no restrictions on how many acres you can add, but there are restrictions on insuring the land and obtaining yields. If you obtain more than 640 acres up to 2,000 acres we will need to obtain a written agreement. Anything over 2,000 acres will be assigned the T-Yield.
Your premium is determined by your chosen coverage level, location, yield, and commodity price. The is the actual formula for determining your premium: yield x coverage level you select x established price x rate by crop, crop type, and county.
Contact an agent before the sales closing dates!
Do you have any more questions? Contact us today!