At Statewide Ag Insurance we strive to offer the best service with the most knowledgeable, friendly staff. We are driven to handle your crop insurance needs in a personal, professional way. View below to get to know us a little better! We can't wait to serve you!

Mitchell Branch

Jennifer Leischner

Jennifer Leischner has been involved in the insurance industry for the last 9 years. Jennifer’s career experiences have been vast and all parts of it have helped mold her into the agent she is today. Jennifer’s prior work experience has been in lending, realty, and a multi-line insurance agency. Jennifer is part of the family farm and enjoys running the grain cart in the fall. Details, details, details are what Jennifer excels at. She ensures policies are accurate and mistakes are not made. Jennifer truly enjoys visiting with her clients and getting to know more about them and their families. Her knowledge of the insurance industry is deep, and customer service is her priority. Jennifer is the glue of the agents at SWA-Mitchell, her personality, insurance, and ag knowledge ensure her customers are well taken care of, and they have a great experience.

Ryan Leischner

Ryan Leischner has 15 years of Insurance and risk management experience. During his career he has gained extensive knowledge in the world of business and the insurance field as an Ag underwriter, loan officer, and Insurance Agent. Besides crop insurance, he has deep roots in production agriculture, currently operating his family’s 3rd generation farm. Ryan’s depth and scope of career experiences have provided him with unique perspectives of the industry. Ag is Ryan’s passion, and “talking farming” with his clients is his favorite part of the job. Being able to relate to his clients and sit on the other side of the desk helps Ryan in making coverage recommendations and service policies. Ryan enjoys the new and ever evolving technologies that are happening in Ag, whether its precision planting, commodity marketing, or hybrid and chemical choices, he is always looking to continue to expand his knowledge.

Karen Schultz

Karen Schultz has been involved in the crop insurance industry for the past 3 years. Karen’s prior work experience has been in the accounting field for 35+ years. Karen grew up on a farm south of Mt Vernon and now resides in Mitchell. Karen enjoys visiting with the clients and getting to know more about them.

Kevin Deinert

Kevin Deinert has worked in the crop insurance industry for the past 5 years as a crop adjuster. Now moving to “the other side of the desk” as an Insurance Agent, Kevin looks to leverage his knowledge to continue to help farmers in every facet of agriculture. When he is not out talking and helping clients, Kevin helps operate his family farm with his father and brother. Having crops and cattle himself, he can relate to the challenges and foresight it takes to successfully plan for another year on the farm.

If you have any questions or would like to contact our Mitchell office, please call Jennifer or Ryan at (605) 990-2376